Nadia Lapusta

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Geophysics


computed research image

Computational Mechanics of Geomaterials

  • Long-term quasi-static loading histories with occasional rapid events
  • Frictional failure of non-planar interfaces
  • Interaction of faulting with fluids

earthquake research image

Earthquake Source Processes

  • Interaction of earthquakes and slow slip
  • Realistic fault physics including enhanced dynamic weakening
  • Slip patterns on heterogeneous/nonplanar interfaces
  • Supershear transition and propagation
  • Linking seismological observations with source properties

gaussian surface research image

Fundamentals of Sliding/Dynamic Friction

  • Evolution of dynamic friction in the lab
  • Microscopic basis of rate-and-state friction laws
  • Upscaling of heterogeneous/non-planar interfaces

fluids research image

Solid-fluid Interactions

  • Thermal pressurization of pore fluids
  • Modeling fluid injection in the lab
  • Interaction of fluid flow with shear faulting of natural faults